Human Capital Activation Summit

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The Business Case for the Summit

The astute, discerning leader knows that an organisations Human Capital is its best asset. To achieve optimum growth for individuals and the organisation, a platform underpinned by sound principles of Humanity is what is needed for business, to thrive

Here it is…

The Human Capital Activation Summit.

It is unique, in that it brings together a fraternity of experts, who understand Humanity in the African context and are focussed on enhancing and optimising Human Potential.  Leaders in all organisations realise their Human Capital is their competitive edge and that the next area of growth in their business will derive from their ability to harness the power of their people’s adaptive capacity, resilience and continuity.  

The aim of the Summit is to provide a platform for business leaders from across all industries and government in South and Sub-Saharan Africa to listen to and engage experts in the field of conceptual development, and to partake in discussions on how to activate human capital and release maximum individual and organisational growth.  We’ll also be presenting case studies from leading organisations on how they went about Activating their Human Capital.

The take-out from the Summit will be four key insights – 

  • * Collective functioning
  • * Individual functioning
  • * Practical case studies on how to achieve adoption
  • * What the future may hold

Who should attend?

The Human Capital Activation Summit provides a platform for neuro engagement specialists, neuroscience practitioners and business leaders to converge and share the latest research and insights to empower leadership to dramatically improve organisation systems and empower today’s diverse workforce.  If you are interested in driving organisational effectiveness through leadership development and human activation and performance this is an event you don’t want to miss.

Human Capital Activation Summit participants…

* Learn brain-based leadership and development methodology practioners and specialists alongside influential business leaders putting it into practice.

* Network and compare strategies with the some of the most effective business leaders, researchers, and human development professionals out there.

* Have a one of a kind learning experience, driven by transformational research and delivered in a brain-friendly format that is conducive to learning.

Discover how brain research unlocks new possibilities for dramatic organizational improvement, productivity, and innovation.

Learn how to create applicable learning experiences that are powered by a deeper understanding of how the human brain functions.

Explore the latest HR trends, best practices, and case studies featuring some of the most influential global organizations.

Transform leaders with science-based approaches for driving performance.

Apply what you learn to increase the effectiveness of existing learning initiatives or create new ones.

Leverage brain research to regulate your emotions and influence insight to motivate and create sustainable habits in others.

About Human Capital Activation Summit

Human Capital is the next frontier of business performance. The industrialised era of mass production is considered a hygiene factor, products can be duplicated or reverse engineered at will, customer centricity and personalised service and unique offerings are the era of the future.  All of this can only be provided by the Human Capital, the people - your people, who reside in your business.

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